12-24 VDC Inline Actuator

Motor Type LA35 LA50LA60
Maximum Load                  N 120-2000 500-45001900-10000
Stroke                             mm50-75050-75050-750
Max Load Speed         mm/s 3-33 4-705-31
Max Self Lock Force         N 17000 2250016800
Accuracy                            ยต 400 400400
Supply Voltage              VDC 12-24 12-2412-24
Protection Class IP66, IP68, IP69 IP66, IP68, IP69IP66, IP68, IP69


The 12-24VDC linear electric actuators are ideal for push/pull/lift applications. The in-line actuator body 
design, contains a rotary motor, gearbox and leadscrew for powerful linear motion, positional control 
and easy mechanical integration.The actuator is also the perfect replacement for pneumatic and hydraulic actuation

Model C2-10 Controller

- 12-32VDC operation
- Current set limits
- Over current protection
- On-Off control
- Quick direction change
- Adjustable ramp time
- Dynamic Braking

Model C2-20 Controller
- 9-35VDC operation
- Fast change of direction
- Accurate positional control
- Settable current limits
- Soft start, acceleration ramp
- Adjustable speed
- Learning mode

Model C2-30 Dual Controller
- 12-24V Battery pack
- Synchronised parallel driving
- Over current protection
- Selectable drive speed
- Accelaration/Decaccelaration ramps
- Adjustable star/stop
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12-24 VDC Linear Actuators
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Linear Electric Actuators
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