Tubular Motors

   SM11 Copley Linear Motor Module  SM25 Copley Linear Motor  SM38 Copley Motor
Tubular Motor SM11 SM25 SM38
Peak Force 46-92N   312-780N 744-1860N
Continuous Force 6-19N


Stroke Up to 825mm  Up to 1151mm  Up to 1323mm
Internal Position
1Vpk-pk Sin/Cos 1Vpk-pk Sin/Cos 1Vpk-pk Sin/Cos
Velocity up to 10.8m/s 8.7m/s 8.7m/s
Position Repeatability 12 micron 12 micron 25 micron
Voltage 75 VDC 230 VAC 230 VAC

With internal position feedback or optional external encoder, these linear motor modules are complete and ready to use, providing a quick route to integrating linear motor
performance into conventional machine designs. Modules are an ideal solution for pick and place gantry and general purpose material handling applications.

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Linear Motor
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Linear Motor
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