Tubular Motors

   SM11 Copley Linear Motor Module  SM25 Copley Linear Motor  SM38 Copley Motor
Tubular Motor SM11 SM25 SM38
Peak Force 46-92N   312-780N 744-1860N
Continuous Force 6-19N


Stroke Up to 825mm  Up to 1151mm  Up to 1323mm
Internal Position
1Vpk-pk Sin/Cos 1Vpk-pk Sin/Cos 1Vpk-pk Sin/Cos
Velocity up to 10.8m/s 8.7m/s 8.7m/s
Position Repeatability 12 micron 12 micron 25 micron
Voltage 75 VDC 230 VAC 230 VAC
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Linear Motor
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Linear Motor
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