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New Electromechanical Cylinders

The electromechanical cylinder is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. The rugged design ensures a trouble-free service life and high reliability even in harsh environmental conditions. Self-locking models help to save energy when not running. High efficiency types are used when high duty cycle is required. Compared to hydraulics and pneumatics, the electromechanical cylinders are easy to integrate with different control systems and PLC's. Position and speed can be monitored continuously in a cost-efficient way. One of the major advantages with the electromechanical cylinder is, that there is no risk of dangerous leakages of hydraulic oil, which minimises the risk of fire hazard and contamination of sensitive goods.



 Load 5-500kN
 Linear Speed 1-100mm/s
 Spindle Types ACME, Ball Screw or Planetary Roller Screw
 Efficiency 20-90%
 Duty Cycle 25-100%
 Lubrication Oil or Grease
 Mounting Trunnion




Frame Size Size 32Size 40Size 63
Maximum Feed Force 300-350N 525-800N1625-2500N
Continuous Feed Force  240-280N 420-640N 1300-2000N
Maximum Speed  0.15-0.50mm/rev 0.25-12.7mm/rev 0.50-1.00mm/rev
Maximum Acceleration 3-10mm/s2 6mm/s2 10-20mm/s2
Stroke Length     100-400mm 100-600mm 100-800mm
Note:Available with motor mounted inline or parallel, also with connectors or flying leads


Frame Size - Heavy DutySize 83Size 110
Maximum Feed Force 4003-4448N7784-8896N
Continuous Feed Force  2002-4003N 3892-7784N
Maximum Speed  0.279-0.559mm/rev 0.279-0.559mm/rev
Stroke Length     150-450mm 150-450mm

Key Features:
• Built-in Absolute feedback with home-to-hard-stop feature eliminates limit and home switches
• Positioning repeatability of +/- 0.02mm
• IP66 rating for electrical and electronic components
• Built-in brake for vertical applications
• Built-in guide provides non-rotating piston rod and simplifies application
• High linear feed force •100% duty cycle rating 

Stepper Motor ActuatorAPP-11APP-17APP-23
Holding Torque                       Ncm6-920-3363-105 
Motor Length                           mm30-4133-3846-56
Step Angle                         °/STEP1.81.81.8
Leadscrew Lengths               mm 50-60050-60050-600
Encoder                                     ppr400400 or 1000400 or 1000

Brush Motor Actuator APPD-15 APPD-25
Holding Torque                       Ncm 10.59 17.65
Motor Length                           mm 30-41 33-38
Step Angle                         °/STEP 1.8 1.8
Leadscrew Lengths               mm 50-600 50-600
Encoder                                     ppr 400 400 or 1000

The stepper-based linear actuator is ultra reliable, made to be both precise and responsive
with positional accuracy in the microns, load capabilities up to 175 lbs (80kg) and linear speeds to
5 inches/second (130mm/second) 

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Linear Actautor
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Linear Ballscrew Actuator
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